Law is a stressful arena, and you need to be physically and mentally agile when it comes to pursuing a successful career. The job of being a lawyer means you need to manage pressure and work for at least 90 hours a week. This means you should pay attention to your health and get good quality sleep, food, and exercise round-the-clock.

Menos Hiras – Blending law and sports successfully together

Menos Hiras is an aspiring lawyer and a sports enthusiast in the USA. He says that he wants to be a successful legal professional and is working very hard to get through his LSAT examinations. He says that when you are studying for law school, you must be prepared to study hard. As a busy student, it becomes essential for you to balance your health and studies wisely. Every course and the lesson should be taken seriously as once you gain admission to a good law school; you will find that staying mentally and physically agile to manage the pressure can be challenging. This is where you should devote some time to either sports or exercise so that along with your brain, your body gets the much- needed exercise it needs too.


Exercise for busy students

He says that as a busy student, you might not get the time to hit the gym. You have your classes and studies to balance along with other general chores like grocery shopping, washing your clothes, and more, especially if you do not live with your family. He says that there are some simple and quick exercises that you can throw in your busy routine so that your body gets the exercise it needs. Sitting in one place and studying all the time can lead to posture problems and sore muscles. You should ensure that you give yourself at least 30 minutes daily to exercise.

Incorporate simple exercises into your busy routine

Simple exercises like jogging, walking, or swimming can be incorporated in your daily routine. You can engage your body weight to do squats, push-ups, lunges, bicep curls with some weights occasionally too. Climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift is an effective way to stay fit and improve mobility. You can go in for a hamstring stretch that boosts your flexibility and reduces your chances of muscle injuries. With daily practice, you will find that your body responds well, and your brain gets the break it deserves from studies. If you are fond of sports, you can play football or rugby with your friends and improve your endurance and stamina as well.

Menos Hiras sums up by saying that even after you complete your studies, you should embrace sports and exercise in your daily routine as a professional. Coupled with physical exercise, you should also pay attention to a good diet and have lots of water to stay hydrated. Make sure you sleep well and go not to stay up too late at night. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind, and this goes the extra mile in making you a successful professional!