Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is based on blockchain technology. It can be circulated without government interference. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Hong Kong has become a hotspot for crypto-related business. People from the crypto industry got their start in Hong Kong. The world’s largest cryptocurrency named Tether, was launched in this city.

Hong Kong rank in Cryptocurrency

  • One-third of Hong Kong residents have invested in cryptocurrencies.
  • It ranked only behind the U.S. in terms of residents involved in the digital market.

Cryptocurrency and Family Law

Suppose there is a breakdown of marriage, then the family law firm hong kong suggests that the agreement must state the right of access to cryptocurrency and how it should be maintained. Cryptocurrency can be a disputed issue amongst the couple as one spouse having complete control over cryptocurrency may try to defeat another spouse. Hence, another spouse may incur huge fees to investigate their spouse. When divorce proceedings take place, there will be a dispute over cryptocurrency, and there is only one way to secure it by locking it in a multi-sig wallet where there are three keys, and one of the keys should be in the hands of a trusted advisor.

hong kong crypto fund setup

Hong Kong Money Chain

Some of the oldest Bitcoin operators in Hong Kong does not require registration and have multiple transaction chain. They support the buying and selling of BTC and work 24/7. There are many such chains across Hong Kong, and the hong kong crypto fund setup is thriving. 

Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency has the most significant exchange in China and various Hong Kong branches. It has gained customers’ trust with utmost security.  It is one of the largest exchanges in the world, which works directly with Hong Kong currency from a local bank account, where one can deposit cash for free. Their motive is to have crypto in every wallet. It is easy to use. Account-holders can earn high rates of interest. 

Cryptocurrency is utterly decentralised as neither government nor banks can interfere in the transactions. There are some great benefits in investing in cryptocurrency, but many people view it as a high-risk investment. A person should have proper knowledge of cryptocurrency; a person needs to study the investment and profit chart before investing in any cryptocurrency. An app should be installed to look at the fluctuation in prices.