When getting divorced, unless you want to handle the hassle of dealing with divorce proceedings on your own, you will need to find a divorce attorney. From the moment you decide to get divorced, the decision to choose a divorce attorney will be the most important decision you make about your divorce. It will partially determine custody rights, visitation rights and asset reallocation. So don’t make this decision lightly. A good divorce attorney will also make sure that your divorce goes through the courts as quickly as possible and will generally help ensure that the divorce process is as pain and stress free as possible.

If you can find the divorce attorney who got divorced on your own, it’s really better. This is someone you can connect with emotionally and understand your problems and what is going on a completely different level. While this is certainly not a requirement, having someone represent you can relate to not only your legal issues, but also your personal and emotional issues, simply giving you an additional level of comfort and confidence in working with the person.

One of the first things you’ll want to see and discuss is your financial documents that list your assets and marital obligations. You may require a review of all tax returns that your spouse filed jointly or separately in the previous year.

From now on, you will likely be asked to keep a journal and record all communications between you and your spouse that consist of date and time, topic, issues discussed, resolution, or lack of resolution. Most people have a bad memory. But when you’re in front of a judge and he can say that certain things happened on a certain day and time, and you have notes to support your claim, then your case suddenly becomes much stronger.

If there are children, your attorney will want to discuss custody options. Although parenting is unpleasant, you will also want to talk about the children in the marriage to ensure that whatever custody decides, the health and well-being of the child is preserved. Along the same lines, they will likely ask you questions about spousal abuse. In some states, spousal abuse can also affect asset allocation and custody options.

If possible, a good divorce attorney will try to reach a consensus with your partner to make the divorce as amicable as possible. The more the two partners can decide and agree the fewer decisions the court will have to make and the higher the win / win score for everyone. A good divorce lawyer Singapore will work with all parties to try to facilitate this type of agreement.

Lawyers can be prohibitively expensive. If you and your partner can agree on most of the issues, you can probably save a lot of money by working through most of the details before consulting your attorney, preparing the required information ahead of time, and simply letting them do the paperwork.