Cases of personal injury include cases in which an individual seeks economic recovery after some form of harm has been caused. Usually, these damages are incurred by the negligence of an individual. The claimant receives compensation from the defendant in personal injury proceedings because he or she is morally liable for the damages he or she caused to the victim. There are a number of various types of cases of personal injury.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common forms of cases handled by car accident lawyer Albuquerque NM. Many instances of car accidents are the product of someone not following traffic laws correctly, such as speeding, not stopping at a red light, not yielding or not maintaining a reasonable course of action. More LEGAL Papers FIND Just look out. Principles of negligence require drivers to drive in a relatively safe way and follow all traffic laws. When the actions of someone fall below this expected level, blame will lie.

Other Traffic Accidents

Another type of cases handled by Albuquerque personal injury attorney are the traffic accidents. A large number of the personal injury lawsuits that are filed are often made up of other kinds of traffic incidents. Bicycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and public transit accidents are other traffic accidents. For instance, pedestrian and bicycle incidents may be mostly based on traffic laws related to maintaining a proper lookout or crosswalks by default. Truck accidents may deal with particular federal laws relating to regulations that must be followed by trucking companies, including ensuring that loads are properly loaded, requiring that truckers rest after a certain number of hours, and regularly inspecting vehicles.

Malpractice Cases

Another large number of cases handled by Albuquerque personal injury attorney are the personal injury claims that are related to the handling of patients by healthcare providers. Cases of medical malpractice can be brought because a healthcare provider has misdiagnosed a patient, performed surgery on the wrong part of the body, performed surgery on the wrong patient, made a prescription error, made an anesthesiology-related error or made another error or lapse of judgment. An expert witness is typically needed in cases of medical malpractice to demonstrate the quality of care that the patient should have received and how the treatment of the healthcare provider falls below this level.

Premises Liability

Individuals injured on land owned by someone else will be entitled to claim compensation for their injuries. This can happen if a person slips and falls in a shop, cuts himself or herself on a private piece of land, or even people who are assaulted on a business property by criminals. Land owners usually have a legal responsibility to keep their property reasonably secure and free of hazards in order not to harm those on the property. Premises liability cases also apply to the type of person on the property in which a person who is a client is owed a much higher degree of treatment than someone who is a trespasser.

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