Are you suffering a financial loss due to a personal injury? If you were injured in a car accident or a slip and fall, get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney to get financial compensation and recover economic damages. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Perth is the best way to recover losses and cover medical expenses after an injury.

Economic damages are the financial losses that result from a personal injury accident. The best personal injury lawyers in Perth would be able to get better insights on the damages that occurred and how much compensation you can get. In this blog, we have explained the economic damages included in a personal injury lawsuit.

Types of Economic Damages in Personal Injury Cases

From emergency medical bills to property damages, there are different types of economic damages involved in a personal injury case.

Medical Bills

The doctor’s bills, emergency room, and any other types of medical bills come under economic losses. Some of the common medical expenses involved are urgent care bills, physical therapy, diagnostic tests, X-rays, blood tests, occupational therapy, prescription costs, and more.

Mental Health Treatment

Personal injury not only results in physical injuries but can also cause mental trauma. Any treatment costs that are associated with treating anxiety due to the physical injury or trauma is considered to be a part of economic damages.

Lost Wages

Because of the injuries sustained due to personal injury accident, some people may be unable to return to work for days or even weeks. The actual lost wages during this period come under economic losses. Your lost wages are calculated from the time of your injury to the time when you return to work or the time when the case gets resolved.

Earning Capacity

Personal injuries aren’t always simple. There are complex injuries that preventyou from returning to work or cause permanent or temporary damage to your earning capacity. Some people might be off work for months or even years and miss out on a considerable amount of earning in the future. In some cases, victims may have to choose a new line of the job depending on the type of injury or miss out on promotions. Here, the reduced income is taken into account for economic damages. Your personal injury lawyer in Perth will help you figure out the possible claim solutions for your income loss.

Property Damages

Personal injury accidents cause damage to your vehicle or any related items that you own, resulting in property damage. It’s a category of economic damage, and it covers the market value of the object if it’s irreplaceable or the replacement cost.

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