There are several types of workplaces where accidents are quite common. While some employees may suffer from a back injury by lifting heavy boxes, others may end up with a broken arm from a fall off a ladder. Stacey L Tokunaga underlines that in such a scenario it is crucial for people to seek out the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney who can help them to get the compensation they deserve for those injuries, including lost wages and medical bill expenses. Stacey Tokunaga herself is an experienced attorney who specializes in handling cases of workers’ compensation.

People injured on their job might have a rightful claim to workers’ compensation. Moreover, in case they have to miss out on work and invariably their income when they are hurt, it is possible that they shall have a valid claim for recovering a portion of earnings that they have lost.  Stacey L Tokunaga mentions that to ensure that they are able to enjoy the best chances of getting the compensation they deserve, it is vital for people to seek out assistance from any specialized worker’s compensation lawyer.

The key goal of the workers’ compensation attorney representing the injured employees is to make sure that the individual is able to get the needed benefits, including:

  • Medical benefits
  • Permanent total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Wage reimbursement benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits

Experienced lawyers like Stacey L Tokunaga are characterized by their focused client service, responsiveness, and aggressive file management when it comes to the practice of Workers’ Compensation Defense law. These professionals carry out a number of important duties and tasks involved in enabling the claimant to acquire the necessary compensation. Here are some of the major duties that they typically perform:

  • Answer the questions of the clients and guide them through the whole worker’s compensation process.
  • Contact medical providers to provide the injured employee with the needed treatment and care, while are completing the paperwork relating to the claim.
  • Represent the interests of the claimant at depositions, oral arguments, hearings, trials, arbitrations, and any other proceedings necessary.
  • Communicate with the worker’s supervisors about the status of the injured worker.
  • Negotiate settlements on behalf of the claimant.

While the government has a setup to process and approve worker’s compensation claims with relative ease, in many cases the employees and employer cannot come to an agreement on the compensation amount, and the role of the workers’ compensation attorneys becomes especially vital in such a scenario.

Stacey L Tokunaga mentions that there are many renowned law firms in the United States that people can contact when planning to hire the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney.  She herself is a managing partner of a firm that specializes in worker’s compensation cases. Stacey Tokunaga has always aimed at delivering the highest quality of services to her discerning clients, while providing them with all the support and guidance that they might require.