The real estate is a big sector which has a major contribution to a country’s GDP(Gross Domestic Product). Property lawyers have the responsibility of assisting clients in facing legal issues that are related to commercial and residential properties, commercial leasing, tenants, private property management, among others. They must also aid in the property transfer for both sale and purchase. They are the ones responsible for the legal elements that relate to rented property. They are hired by clients to help them defend their rights whether they are landlords, tenants, owners, renters, etc. Those who specialize in property or real estate law are well-versed in zoning, property development, land use, and foreclosure.


Real estate property lawyers aid clients who face title issues as well as environmental and insurance issues. They are tasked to review and prepare leases, inspections, deeds of sale, appraisals, and others. They also draft other legal documents such as rental and financial agreements, leases, conveyance transactions, and others. These lawyers review transactions and provide legal advice to parties who need it.

It is given that these lawyers represent their clients in court. They participate in the following scenarios: filing appeals, trials and hearings, legal pleadings, and drafting documents. They can also negotiate and bargain on behalf of the clients for them to achieve a certain agreement.

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What to Look for in a Property Lawyer

If you reside in Spain or are moving into the country, you may need to find out more about certain laws like the floor clause and the soil clause that are implemented in the country. That is why it comes handy when you know a property lawyer in the area where you reside in.

It is important for you to choose a lawyer who has integrity and is honest. Initial consultation is usually offered free. You must take advantage of this and use your instincts to determine if the lawyer is a phony or is a decent and hardworking one. Ask the lawyer your chances for both failure and success. If he or she is optimistic and tends to downplay the costs and the risks involved, then it is likely that the lawyer is not being honest.

Always put value on experience and expertise. The property lawyer to hire is someone who has hundreds if not thousands of transactions to his credit and years of experience. This translates to the likelihood that the lawyer has been at it or has seen it all and can give you the guidance and advice during the entire course.

The bar association is a good place to start when looking for a property lawyer. They will provide you a list of all attorneys in your area such as abogados Barcelona in Spain who specialize in real estate law.