The hit and run accident is the most annoying experiences for car owners and driver. Whenever the opposite driver strikes your car and leaves the scene, it is considered as a hit and run accident. For this, the driver who hit your car will be comes under in violation of the law. Involved in a hit and run accident? It’s understandable that you feel confused. But, instead of that, you have to act smart in order to claim compensation for the damages associated. Did you know your vehicle damage generally covered under the collision section of your car insurance policy if your vehicle get damaged in a hit and run accident?  To make a claim and make the process smoother without any issues, it’s a knowledgeable decision to hire the right personal injury lawyer in Perth as soon as possible.

Here are some tips and information on how to handle a hit and run accident.

Things to Ensure To Handle the Situation after Damage

  • Note down the cause, time, and location of the accident
  • Take photos of the vehicle damage
  • The direction the other vehicle that was headed
  • Have a write up of damages in other vehicle
  • Note down the other vehicle’s colour, model, and make
  • Take a picture of license plate number

After noting down, contact the police to book a statement, insurance company to expedite your claims process, and hire a right lawyer.

Note: Ask your witnesses for additional information about the accident, if you were not with your vehicle during accident. This will be helpful to give a strong police a statement, and get claim your compensation.

Get Your Car Out Of Impound Fast

Tip 1: Consult an attorney immediately before taking any action. To successfully resolving your legal problem, consider hire the right personal injury lawyer who specialist to protect your freedom and good record.

Tip 2: Never make false statements to the police or your lawyer. This will turn intoa worse situation, and makes you in trouble.

Tip 3: Report the accident to your insurance company at once.


Knowledge is power! Before you get into the case, ensure things and move forward.

Have your vehicle damaged in a hit and run accident? You can make use of your car insurance policy to cover it under the collision section! Yes, your insurance company may help take care of the damage. But, along with for legal recourse and compensation, you have to hire the best lawyer from a leading personal injury law firm in Perth.

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