Marriages have certainly lost their essence. Some perceive this as a burden and others as an unresolved task, with the result that the divorce rate has increased significantly and seems to continue the same trend. Also, if you were given an idea, these legal procedures were carried out with the help of family court Singapore maintenance. There is no doubt that the length of these litigations depends solely on the efficiency and intelligence of the law firm handling the divorce case. Supported for the same reason, it is aptly stated that choosing an experienced and recognized divorce attorney or law firm is always recommended to achieve peace of mind and get positive results from your legal services. Family law legal services include a range of issues related to divorce, including related issues such as child custody, military divorce, civil divorce, legal separation, alimony and enforcement, distribution of property and debt, spousal support, advice on preparing for divorce proceedings and emergency protection, etc.

If we are talking primarily about divorce cases, then divorce cases are usually divided into two types: military divorce and civil divorce. For those who do not understand the difference between civil and military divorce, the paragraph highlighted below may help.

A military divorce primarily refers to a case involving residence or domicile requirements for the provision or receipt of legal services from an active spouse. In addition, this type of divorce is limited by a number of military rules and regulations that include issues such as the division of the military pension, as this is considered the highest consent in this type of divorce case. In addition, often these cases indicate the awakening of the question, for example, about the place of residence of the couple, so in such cases it is necessary to take into account some important things. Most countries follow a law that only requires military divorces in which at least one of the partners is the residence of that country for a specified period of time.

After filing a military divorce case, the next major issue that is attested in these cases is child custody, if applicable. The court must carefully examine not only the desire of the parents to take care of the child, but also the possibility of this. However, in the event that parents are on active duty, their TDY deployment and their working hours are taken into account, and these factors are closely related to parenting. However, such factors do not restrict parental custody of the child until something goes seriously and unforgivably wrong, until the child’s physical and mental development occurs. Divorce cases other than military divorces are called civil divorce cases.

Whether it is a civilian or a military person, the desire to live with a child is clearly not enough to secure custody of him. Family law legal services are always ready to meet your needs.