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Miguel Cotera is one of the best professionals to patronize for the defence of your rights. You need a trained professional to guide you and also inform you about your rights and he is the best individual you can ever trust for this purpose. The professional has several years of professionalism and is ever ready to meet the needs of the clients and help to defend them perfectly before the Public Administrations.  Miguel   Cotera is a trained lawyer and he was called to Bar Association of Cantabria several years ago. He is one of the best public defenders you can ever come by in Abogado Santander.

Miguel Cotera got a law degree from the University of Cantabria and went further to bag a Master’s degree from the Higher Institute of Law and Economics, ISDE, Madrid in International Law.

Abogado Santander


Miguel Cotera can be of help in various areas. He can act as an external lawyer for you or for your company in Abogado Santander and beyond.  He is the go-to guy for issues related to labor law, banking law or commercial law.  He can equally represent you as an internal lawyer since he has several years of experience in this area.  The wide experiences that Miguel Cotera has acquired over the years make him one of the best lawyers to patronize for your public and private legal services.  He is undoubtedly the best you can trust for the defence of your right.

Team of professionals

Miguel Cotera does not work alone; he works with several other professionals, who are also trained lawyers with many years of experience. As a result, you will always be in safe hands when you patronize these professionals. The legal professionals working at this outlet are highly devoted also and are honest in the way they relate to their clients.  They will provide the right legal advice at all times and give you the best alternatives to that particular case. They will carry you along every step of the way so that you can all work together to adopt the best solution to the issue at hand from the legal point of view.

The team is made up of young and highly professional individuals they are agile and will always respond very fast to any of your queries.  Their agility makes them able to meet deadlines at all times.  They are committed to your cause and will listen and analyze the case properly towards achieving your desired goal.

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