The three main duties of a conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer

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In the real estate scene, the legal process of purchasing and selling a property is called conveyancing. A professional called a conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor is the one who aids with the settlement and the title transfer process which is aimed to ensure that their client has met all the legal obligations at the same time they ensure that their client is completely protected with the transaction that was made.

The buyer and the seller are both required by law to hire a conveyancer to lawfully fulfill all their obligations in a contract for sale. A conveyancer usually performs by completing the tasks like drawing up documents, legal advices, and arranging a settlement.

To further explain their duties if you are planning to hire one sooner or later, here is a more elaborate explanation that you will read in the rest of this article composed by the best lawyers and conveyancers in Melbourne.

  1. Compiling up documents– One of the most important roles of a conveyancing solicitor is to help their clients compile and prepare all the documents that are needed in transactions that are related to real estate purchase or selling. They are the ones who list down all the needed documents that are going to be used in order for both camps, the purchaser and the seller to have the smoothest transaction ever without constraints to reach a deal immediately. In selling a property, the conveyancers include preparing the contract of sale which ensures that any special conditions that are needed are already included in the final contract before both sides agreed and reached a deal. For buying a property, the buyers have to consult a conveyancer to prepare all the transfer documents to make sure that the property is legally and rightfully transferred to their
  2. Legal advice– The conveyancing solicitor is the one who undertakes the good portion of the entire legal leg work that is required in order to help the client come up with the right decisions and also to navigate this kind of process successfully and without any constraints. When it comes to helping their clients sell a property if there are any conditions set that should be included within the contract of sale, the conveyancing solicitor or the conveyancer is the one who distributes you the best advice available. For purchasing a property, the conveyancing solicitor is the who works on behalf of the buyer by giving them advice with regards to the terms and conditions of the contract of sale presented by the seller. They will also point out any specific terms that are important to learn for the buyer’s benefit according to the legal experts and conveyancers in Melbourne.
  3. Arranging settlement– Probably one of the most important roles of a conveyancer or a conveyancing solicitor is that they are the ones who help in arranging the final details of the settlement of the property that is up for sale. For the seller’s side, the conveyancer is the one who coordinates and schedules the proper time for the settlement by reaching out the buyer’s conveyancer. The settlement day is then announced out in the contract of sale, however, the conveyancing solicitors will be the ones to reach a deal to come up with the proper date and proper venue of the settlement. For the buyer’s side, the conveyancer is also the one who suggests their preferred time or the ideal time for the settlement schedule.

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