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San Antonio has always been a famous place in the annals of American history, as the home of the Alamo. In 1836 a notorious and bloody battle was fought over this 18th century Spanish mansion, a battle that later became known as the battle for independence of Texas from Mexico. San Antonio has the second highest population in Texas behind Houston. Famous for its historic landmarks, and situated beside the picturesque San Antonio River, the City of San Antonio boasts of wonderful places to visit like River Walk, Botanic Gardens, The Alamo, Majestic Theatre and San Fernando Cathedral. But now San Antonio has another claim to fame, one that has put it beside the major cities of the world. Strangely enough, it is the San Antonio Divorce Lawyers that have put this city besides the most attractive locations internationally.

Why Divorce?

Divorce has been rejected as a solution for acrimonious and untenable marriages over the centuries by conservative societies and mainstream religions. But gradually the realization has crept in that patriarchal societies have tended to use divorce as convenient tool for the subjugation of women. So strong was the emotional backlash created by the society and by religious leaders, that even mutually agreeable divorces were forbidden. But time catches up with unfair practices. It was realized by most men that divorce may be as necessary for the men as it is for the women.

San Antonio Divorce Lawyers

This applied to marriages where the two partners felt themselves separated by a mental wall that could never be breached, or where one partner was continuously and sometimes ferociously ill-treated and bullied by the other. Such unequal marriages where society did not step in, in-spite of prolonged torture of the weaker partner, sometimes even resulted in the death of that partner. That this onslaught was often motivated by considerations of property and other ill-gotten gains was obvious.

Importance Of San Antonio

San Antonio has of late carved its name as a international hotspot for divorces, especially of the quick variety. The simplified divorce laws of Texas make it easy for first timers and repeated divorcees alike. San Antonio Divorce Lawyers are specialized in the sympathetic assistance of applicants so as to make this trip a package visit that covers all aspects of an easy divorce, including the 6 month mandatory stay in Texas (90 days in Bexar County) prior to the filing of the divorce. They even arrange for psychiatric counseling for disturbed applicants, hotel bookings, and some even arrange for recreational and educational activities during the stay, for outside visitors. All this is available at one of the lowest package prices in the United States. Whether family or criminal lawyer is required San Antonio provides both.

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