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The Employment Ordinance is the major piece of legislation in employment lawyer hong kong that regulates working conditions, it is essential for every business that intends to recruit locals to comply with its regulations—both the rights of employees and the responsibilities of their employers throughout the Employment Ordinance.

Labour Regulations

The Employment Ordinance is the primary legislation that governs and specifies workers’ legal status in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Labour Department is the government agency responsible for enforcing the law and determining the minimum requirements for all areas of a working relationship.

To guarantee that the Employment Ordinance is adhered to, the Hong Kong Labour Department conducts inspections open to both company owners and those employed.

The worker receives various benefits, including In this sense, the legislation applies to all employees in Hong Kong, regardless of whether or not they work full time. It is because the law applies to workers regardless of their employment status.

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Employing People Who Aren’t Your Native Speakers

The government may create an exception for non-citizens with impressive skills, knowledge, and experience, but citizens will always be preferred. There are two categories of foreign professionals: those with advanced degrees and those with fewer years of professional experience.

 Both categories are considered foreign professionals. The second category can apply for a visa valid for one year but cannot be renewed. The second category, on the other hand, is eligible to submit a new application for a visa once a year has elapsed.

Taking Up Staff On A Temporary Or Seasonal Basis

The Employment Ordinance does not include a provision that provides a legal definition for employees who as temporary or part-time. On the other hand, part-time workers often put in a less number of hours per week than their full-time counterparts.

 Workers who sign contracts to provide their services for a certain time are called “contractors.” The Employment Ordinance of Hong Kong affords the same legal protections to employees employed on a part-time or contract basis as it does to those employed permanently full-time.

Employing People Who Aren’t Your Native Speakers

The government strongly encourages employers in Hong Kong to search among the local population for applicants with the necessary qualifications. Nevertheless, Hong Kong makes allowances for non-citizens with specialized knowledge and experience that the city sorely lacks and badly wants to hire.

Relative Visa

Using a specialized visa known as a Dependant Visa, the government of Hong Kong has, throughout the years, made it feasible for foreign professionals to bring their families and spouses to the city to take advantage of the city’s opportunities. Temporary visitors or permanent city residents may provide dependents in Hong Kong.

Financial Investment Visa

Suppose an entrepreneur or startup can establish that they have a solid business model that will lead to the development of local jobs and economic growth. In that case, they may be eligible for an Investment Visa in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Immigration Department issues this visa.

There is no set and inflexible minimum need for the application; nonetheless, it should be sufficient to maintain the smooth operation of the proposed business until it begins to generate a profit.

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