FAQ About Land Condemnation

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Buying your land and then building a house for yourself and your family is a beautiful feeling. People take loans and save up for years to fulfill this particular dream. For people who work day and night to buy their land, it is a nightmare to face land condemnation. It is essential to understand what the right course of action is.

When facing land condemnation, one of the first things to do is to speak to a legal expert. Hiring a Land condemnation lawyer in Hillsville will help you better understand the situation and your options. Here are a few frequently asked questions about land condemnation that you may find helpful.

Land condemnation lawyer in Hillsville

FAQ about land condemnation

  1. What is land condemnation?

Land condemnation is taking control over someone’s private property for a public purpose. This is usually done by the government, which orders a building or dwelling to be vacated or kept vacant. This may be done for various reasons, including public safety and health.

  1. How much can the property owner expect to get when their property gets condemned?

If someone’s property is condemned in Hillsville for public purposes by the government, then the land or building owner is entitled to a fair market value of their property. In cases where only a particular portion of the property is taken and the rest is kept with the owner, the owner is still entitled to the value of the portion taken.

Additionally, if the original property’s value gets decreased due to the taking and using of the condemned property, the owner can recover the damages for decreased value as well.

  1. Is it mandatory to accept the condemning authority’s offer?

No. If the condemning authority is offering you an amount for your land and you believe that your land is worth more, then you can rightfully refuse the offer. You are under no legal obligation to accept the offer if you disagree with it. You can challenge the offer with the help of an attorney and recover the compensation you deserve.

  1. Who has the right to condemn a property?

Only government entities have the right to condemn a property- federal, state, and local government. Additionally, the government has also given this right to several private entities. Any entity with the right to condemn a piece of private property is known as a “condemning authority.”

  1. What should one do when their property is being condemned?

There are several things one can do before their property gets condemned. One of the first things to do is speak to an attorney to know your options. You can recover the best compensation for the condemnation with an expert by your side.

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