Paralegals: What They Can or Can’t Do

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When it comes to legal services, paralegals may be the first professionals who come to our minds. They deliver a broad range of services and can meet different needs ideally. These services are usually cost-effective, and everyone can afford them. That’s why many are waiting to visit a paralegal to solve a serious legal problem they have faced. However, many visit paralegals without having enough knowledge of what they exactly do. Some cases are out of paralegal responsibilities they can’t help you with them. It explains why knowing the services a paralegal can provide is important before making an appointment.

One of the best paralegal in Scarborough points out, in this way, you can make sure a paralegal is the one you should meet, and visiting other legal professionals is pointless. There are certain things paralegals can’t handle and should refer you to other experts. You should understand those conditions if you are thinking about visiting a paralegal. This article explains when you can visit a paralegal and when it’s not a good idea to ask them for help.

What Can Paralegals Do?

·         Immigration work:

Just like other legal professionals, paralegals can help clients with immigration cases. However, they should have the required licenses and be authorized in order to provide legal immigration services.

·         Financial services:

If you are looking for someone who can give you helpful financial advice, you can visit an experienced paralegal. These professionals can give you very useful suggestions about mortgages or insurance in order to save more money or regain your lost money.

·         Legal aid work:

Typically, a legal firm can resist a week without having a dedicated team of paralegals. They help other legal professionals and do multiple important tasks that are so important to have everything alright in the firm. For instance, they fill the important documents, communicate with clients, fill out legal papers, answer emails, etc.

·         Claim-related work:

Some paralegals like to work independently and refuse to be hired by an organization. Typically, many of them offer claim-related services, including personal, criminal, industrial, or work-related injuries. They work for justice and work for your rights.

What can’t paralegals do?

·         Unlawful services:

Paralegals can determine fees for their own services or represent a client in court on their own. All these actions are considered illegal for paralegals, and they are forbidden from doing them. Each paralegal is carefully trained about these illegal things before they start their job.

·         Appropriate legal services:

Most responsibilities of paralegals should be managed by a more experienced legal professional. Their main responsibility is to help other legal experts, so they can’t do anything on their own. When the task involves a legal opinion or advice, paralegals shouldn’t do anything with it. They can refer the client to more experienced professionals.

·         Legal assistant:

Generally speaking, paralegals can’t be a legal assistant. These are two different fields, and each of them is trained and educated differently. However, a paralegal can choose a specific field for their activities, such as real estate, discrimination, corporate business, etc. There are many differences between the services a paralegal offers and what a legal assistant can provide.

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