Basics of bail process

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Every state has a bail bond system in place and so there is a system of bail bonds orange county. It gives the convicted person an opportunity to get out from the jail and remain out till the trial is complete. But the person must appear for the court hearings from time to time and he is not entitled to leave the country till trial is completed. There are different bail options in different states around the world but the basic principles do remain the same.

Learn the basic term: bail is money or any property which can be deposited or promised to the court as a guarantee to release a defendant from jail. A bail bond is a promise made by the defendant or any other person to pay the bail amount if the defendant does not come back to the court. This other person can be an agent, friend or relative. This agent or the guarantor is known as the sureties.

Wait for the judge to set the bail: a judge sets a bail to make sure that defendant would return to court without keeping him in custody. The amount is quite high generally so that the defendant does not disappear. In many states these amounts are preset according to offense.  A judge may deny bail if he thinks that the defendant would fly off or disappear.


Post your bail at the jail or court: once the amount of bail is set then sureties or defendants can proceed by posting bail with the clerk of the court. Once posted they will get a receipt known as bail bond by the court or jail.

Appear in court on time: defendant must return to the court on the mentioned date of hearing else a forfeiture hearing and arrest warrant would be issued in his name. In the forfeiture hearing, the defendant must explain reason of his delay or missing of hearing date. If the excuse is not valid then court keeps the bond amount.

Choose a professional bail agent: Bail agents or bondsmen work as sureties on behalf of defendants. They charge 10% of the amount of bail bonds orange county. If the defendant does not appear in the court for hearing then the agent can take legal action against him and even arrest him. He forfeits the bond amount if the defendant disappears.

These are some terms that you must keep in mind with regards to bail and bail bonds. You can learn about these just for knowledge purposes or if you or any close relative is facing some court proceedings. In any case it is recommended to follow law and appear for court hearings on time.

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