Want To File For Divorce In San Antonio, San Antonio Divorce Lawyers Are Here To Help

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Contrary to popular belief, not all matches are made in heaven. When all the possible methods(such as marriage counseling, advice from friends and family)to keep up a marriage fails and when it simply becomes unbearable to stay married, people seek a divorce lawyer such as San Antonio Divorce Lawyers, to end their marriage. Speaking of which-

The most common reasons for getting divorced

  • Infidelity – This is the most common reason for divorce.People expect their significant others to remain loyal to them, after all, one of the core concepts of marriage is to remain exclusive to each other. Infidelity not only the breaches the unspoken vow of a marriage but also tatters the trust that his/her partner has in them, a trust which once lost cannot be regained back.This feeling of being hurt and betrayed by one’s marriage partner leads to a person hiring a divorce lawyer such as San Antonio Divorce Lawyers to officially put an end to his trust.
  • Money matters Although couples vow to support each other through the thick and thin of life, seldom people do actually uphold this promise when faced with a severe financial crisis. Lack of money leads to constant disagreements about financial management and the individual priorities and amidst those constant bickering, divorce it seemed like the easiest way to manage his/her own finances.
  • Physical and emotional abuse – Sometimes people don’t treat their partners as their equal and thus physically or verbally abuse them. Physical abuse such as frequent physical violence against one’s partner or emotional abuse such as berating their partners for trivial issues is considered as a strong reason for granting a divorce by courts.So, if one is abused physically or emotionally by their partners they should not suffer quietly and seek a divorce lawyer such as San Antonio Divorce Lawyers, to help them break free.

  • Lack of physical and emotional intimacy – Sometimes people aren’t able to give enough time to their significant others due to their work or due to their disinterest in their married life. Thus their spouses feel the lack of an emotional connection between them. They want someone to confide in, someone to discuss their personal feelings with. Similarly, sex is a basic necessity of life and if their partners are unwilling to or unable to provide physical intimacy, the tension between the couple escalates. Lack of physical or emotional intimacy is also accepted by the court as a valid reason for granting a divorce.
  • Addictions – Sometimes addictions of a person such as – Alcohol addiction and substance abuse, may escalate to such a level that a person is unable to function properly. In such cases, it is better to dissolve a marriage.

The final verdict

Marriage depends upon trust, understanding, respect, intimacy, and support  between two people, and if any of these basic pillars of marriage falls.

It is better to dissolve it by seeking a capable lawyer such as San Antonio Divorce Lawyers, rather than live the rest of one’s life hoping for things to get better.

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