Traffic Violation: Speeding Ticket – How Much Does it Cost?

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Violating any traffic rules comes with a traffic ticket that you need to pay. One of these tickets is called speeding ticket. Speeding ticket is given to the drivers who exceed the allowable speed limit to a certain area or road.

The following are the common scenarios of speed limits:

  • Speed limits in every school zones are 25 mph, especially if the vehicle is passing through the school zone during school hours.
  • A speed limit of 25mph in any residential or business areas
  • A speed limit of 35mph in any resident business or district
  • A speed limit of 65mph in other locations, except those areas which has a 65mph speed limit implementation act.

The law also states that a person should adjust his or her driving speed depending on the current condition of the road. New Jersey speeding law requires an individual to lessen the driving speed when crossing an intersection, railroad, going to curve roads, passing through a hillcrest, driving to any narrow and winding roads, and other hazards present in the road. A driver should also respect pedestrian lanes and other traffic signs, the condition of weather and other highway roads current road status. Kindly visit this website for more detailed information about your ticket traffic.

Speeding Ticket 101: Fines, Costs, Surcharge, Points, and Insurance Premium 

  • Fines: Speeding tickets may costs within the range of $85 up to $260 and may vary depending on how far a person exceeds a certain speed limit.
  • Court Costs: A person who summons their speeding ticket in court shall pay a $34 fee.
  • Surcharges: For example, when an individual has an accumulated of six or more points on their driver’s license for speeding tickets in a span of three years, that person shall pay an additional surcharge. This fee is an additional payment on top of the penalties that are linked with the speeding ticket. Usually, NJ surcharge can cost you up to $150 and $25 for each point. Therefore, additional payment for six accumulated points is $300.
  • Points: Points are depending on the driver’s speed. If the driver exceeds the allowable 1-14mph he or she will get 2 points; 15-29 mph is equivalent to 4 points; the speed of 30mph and more is equivalent to 5 points.
  • Insurance Payment Increase: Auto insurance will automatically adjust your premium when they get a notice from the New Jersey driving record.

Below is the sample table of the given speed over limit, fine, and its points.

Speed Limit Points Fine & Penalty




10-14mph 2 $95
15-19mph 4 $105
20-24mph 4 $200
25-29mph 4 $220
30-34mph 5 $240
35-39mph 5 $269

New Jersey Courts make it more convenient for violators, you can access your ticket information through online by providing these following information:

  • Plate Number
  • Ticket Number

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