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The amendment to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure assumes that an attorney may be not only an attorney, but also a legal counsel. This means that the rights of a solicitor as a representative have been equated with the rights of a lawyer. For the criminal law monroe, ga this is the best deal.

Exchange, use, new information obligations

Entities that can use the legal aid of a proxy are:

  1. parties who are not accused, injured in preparatory proceedings and before a court when acting as a prosecutor (auxiliary or private) or a civil plaintiff,
  2. persons who are not parties, including a person on whom the prosecutor asks for an obligation to reimburse the State Treasury obtained from the perpetrator’s offense,
  3. the aggrieved party, if he does not act as a party in court,
  4. detainee (non-suspect) to file a complaint and seek compensation for unjustified detention,
  5. A person making claims to a seized object, or from which the item was picked up.

Proxy is a natural person who has a power of attorney to act on behalf of and for the benefit of another natural and legal person. An attorney is required to have legal capacity.

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A proxy in the meaning of procedural law is a person who submits or receives a procedural statement on behalf of a party to the proceedings, in its interest and with procedural consequences directly for it.

  • As a result of the amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure, it is possible to appoint as a proxy in a criminal trial not only a lawyer, but also a legal advisor. The lawyer and solicitor are obliged to keep secret in relation to what they learned by providing legal advice.
  • A legal advisor may be a representative of an entity entitled to the status of the aggrieved party, without any limitation of the type of the entity (natural persons, legal entities, organizational units without legal personality, state, local government or social institutions).

The legal advisor is entitled to take all procedural actions, representing the aggrieved party who appears in criminal proceedings as a private prosecutor, auxiliary or spontaneous prosecutor.The profession of a lawyer obliges you to follow the law and the provisions of the Code of Ethics in each case. This means, among others:

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Compliance with the principle of professional secrecy in relation to all information obtained from the client in connection with the legal assistance provided to him,

Performing all professional activities in accordance with the law, honestly, matter-of-factly and with due diligence.

What is a lawyer different from a solicitor?

If the prosecutor re-extends the decision to refuse to initiate or to discontinue the proceedings, the aggrieved party may, within one month of notification of the order to him, submit the bill of indictment to the court. The accusation made by the victim should be drawn up and signed by a lawyer and what is important can also be signed by a legal adviser.

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